October, 2018: Block Island, R.I.

A fortuitous engine problem

I first sailed into New Harbor, on Block Island, R.I., many years ago with a group of friends and a very attractive blonde. An engine problem kept us there for a few days and the blonde and I got quite chummy. One thing led to another, and today the blonde and I have been married for 29 years. Over the years we’ve sailed the New England coast together from Mt. Desert to the New York border. Whenever we return to Block Island, we dine at Dead Eye Dick’s, the scene of our first date. Billy Stubbs no longer plays the piano there, but otherwise the restaurant hasn’t changed much from those days . . . which is just the way we like it.

Stephen MacQuarrie
Bristol, R.I.

Who needs hydraulics?

The Mystery Harbor in the Oct./Nov. issue of Points East is the harbor at Great Salt Pond, Block Island (New Shoreham), R.I. I was the cook/steward aboard the schooner Mystic a few years ago. At times, we did overnight charters to Great Salt Pond. It’s a quiet harbor with launch service to the island, with private megayachts used as floating restaurants. We experienced a hydraulic anchor winch failure during one of our overnight charters. Using one of the booms, a block and tackle, and nine of us hauling, including three female crewmembers, we raised the 1,500 lb. anchor aboard.

Paul Manoli
Mystic, Conn.

CG station is visible in background

The answer is Great Salt Pond, on Block Island. The shot was taken from Dinghy Beach. In the distance is the Coast Guard Station, which is located just inside the entrance to the Great Salt Pond. In 1986 I raced in and won Block Island Race Week on my J/29.

John J. Colby
Warwick, R.I


Any boater in this corner of the world should be able to identify New Harbor, on Block Island, immediately. The Coast Guard Station dead center is the only clue one needs. New Harbor is a favorite destination of many. The daily “dance” in the always-full mooring field and the crowded anchorage, as well as the morning cry of “Andiamoooo!” are experiences not to be missed.

Bob Hamel
Bristol, R.I.

Mum’s the word

It’s Great Salt Pond, on Block Island. I was there with my wife and four daughters while on a cruise, and for a couple of days we dinghied to shore, walked across the street, and surfed on one of the outer beaches. In the interest of full disclosure, my wife then had to travel for a few days, and my form of babysitting was surfing while my daughters played on the beach. I’m pretty sure my wife would have been okay with that . . . right?

Ned Crosby
Osterville, Mass

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