October/November Mystery Harbor: Camp Ellis, Saco

The mystery harbor is Camp Ellis, Maine, a stone’s throw from Biddeford Pool, and only a few miles north (or east) if you’re from Maine, from Cape Porpoise and Kennebunkport, the former Home of George and Barbara Bush,  who used to frequent the Biddeford Pool and Camp Ellis area on Fidelity, their Cigarette boat, when fishing. Outside the breakwater is Stage Island Monument, built as a day marker around 1825. The current can run over 6 knots and the tide can be an easy 10 feet.  Up the Saco River lies Saco and Biddeford.

Neal Weinstein, licensed CG captain
Old Orchard Beach, Maine

Camp Ellis pier

The Mystery Harbor for the October/November issue is Camp Ellis pier at the mouth of the Saco River on the Saco side.
Great magazine you have!

Paul McDonough
Biddeford, Maine