Mystery Harbor September 2021: Silver Eel Cove on Fisher’s Island, N.Y.

Those pilings are unique

This harbor is in Fishers Island, N.Y. Silver Eel cove is its name. It is where the Fishers Island ferry comes in and out. I recognized the unique pilings and the boats. There is a small building to the right that has brick and a tower that I love walking by to imagine taking a swim off their private dock. A lovely area that I frequent each summer!

Leslie Marshall, LMFT

Fairfield, Conn.


Nice place to fish, enjoy peace

It’s Silver Eel Cove on Fishers Island. You are looking north out the entrance to the harbor which includes the ferry dock and Coast Guard station on the west side which is cropped out of the photo. In the foreground of the photo is what my wife likes to call “Dock of the Bay” after the Otis Redding classic. Many hours of many days into the early evening have been spent with a light rod, sandworms, and occasionally an adult beverage catching porgies (scup) and watching the rhythm of the sea as the ferries come and go and the people hustle to their days’ activities. While this is a private dock, the entire harbor is a perfect place to teach children the joy of fishing and to decompress from hectic lives.

Kevin Cornell


Racers went right past it

I recognize the Mystery Harbor as Silver Eel Cove on Fishers Island. About 30 years ago, I crewed on an Evelyn 25 Sail Boat named Warf Rat out of the Thames Yacht Club in New London. Many of the yacht races went by that serene harbor, which is just around the point from The Race. It may be referred to as Silver Eel Pond by the old school boaters. It was probably a fresh water pond initially, and then opened up to the Ocean to let the New London to Fishers Island, N.Y. ferry operate.

Justin Merrill

Glastonbury, Conn.