Mystery Harbor, May 2021: Guilford, Conn.

Not Maine – Connecticut!

That’s the view from the empty Guilford Town Marina in Guilford, Conn. One of the keys to identifying this location is the red shack in the background [not visible in the shot posted in the magazine, but definitely visible in the shot posted on Points East’s Facebook page] on the other side of the East River on Grass Island, which is not really an island. The shack would be identifiable to Guilford people and even Madison, since you have to drive through Madison to get to the shack, which is actually in Guilford. The shot was taken from the Lobster Pound dock looking east and southeast. Besides being visible from the marina, the shack can also be seen from Neck Road, in Madison, or while traversing the East River.

Dawn Fiorelli

Madison, Conn.


Nice scenery . . . and napping spot!

I am a nanny around the corner from this lovely view in Guilford, Conn. I walk the almost two-year-old little girl here every day that the sun shines. She loves to look at the red shack, seagulls, boats and ducks. It’s a peaceful spot for many who park there – and can sometimes be seen sleeping in their cars in the sun!

Dawn DeCarli

Madison, Conn.

Ridden out many a storm there

This month’s Mystery Harbor is the harbor at Guilford, Connecticut. Shot is taken from the Lobster Shack (West) side of the Town Marina looking SSE, across the breakwater toward Grass Island (actually a point) in the distance. I have had a boat either in the marina shown or up the East River, which runs left out of the photo, since 1974. It is a good, snug harbor. I have ridden out many storms either in the harbor itself or up the East River on a town mooring.

Doug Meyer
Guilford, Conn.