Mystery Harbor June: Menemsha Harbor

Editor’s Note: June’s Mystery Harbor was drawing nothing but blank stares, so I posted clues on our Facebook page trying to move things along. Specifically, I mentioned the two commercial fishing boats in the picture in front of a gray building with light-blue trim. One of the vessels was a wooden dragger named Richard & Arnold, and both were tied up in front of the Menemsha Fish Market in Martha’s Vineyard, Mass. The winner, below, saw my post and responded within an hour.

Well, your clues were good, but the real key in my mind is the USCG 47’ MLB tied up at STA Menemsha at the far right side of the picture, and the “fishing shacks” near the middle of the picture. Although I’m sure others have correctly identified this quaint harbor already, this is Menemsha on Martha’s Vineyard. Photo was taken from the far side of the harbor, across from the fish market and fuel dock. This is definitely the picture-perfect example of a typical New England fishing village.

Rodney Johnson

Plainville, Mass.