Mystery Harbor July: Marblehead Harbor

Spent many a night there

Not sure, but I believe this is Marblehead Harbor looking north from the inner harbor toward Baker Island and the lighthouse on Marblehead Neck. Spent many a night there sailing from Duxbury to points east. Always enjoyed visiting the many yacht clubs that abound along the shore. Don’t get to visit as much anymore, as we are now based in Rockland, Maine.

Herb Schneider
Kingston, Mass.


It’s his homeport

The July issue arrived in the mail this afternoon. As I wondered about the Mystery Harbor, it appeared like an approaching northeast thunderstorm over my boat in Marblehead Harbor. If you’ve been to Marblehead, it’s tough to miss the unusual lighthouse at the top of the harbor and the Corinthian Yacht Club a few hundred yards inside. I’ve had a mooring in Marblehead since the late ’60s – it’s now a 20-year wait.

Bill York
Salem, Mass.

Figures prominently in our history

Well, of course it’s Marblehead Harbor. The Marblehead Light in the background to the right is the giveaway. Interestingly enough, I believe it’s the only solid green light on the East Coast. Marblehead has played an important part in our nation’s history. Marblehead men fought in the Revolutionary War and the town is known as the birthplace of the U.S. Navy. During the War of 1812, the USS Constitution sought refuge in the harbor as she was being pursued by two British frigates. Over the ensuing years, the United States Navy has named a number of ships USS Marblehead in honor of the role Marblehead and her citizens played in achieving our independence and preserving our freedom. I’ve sailed out of Marblehead since 1978 and been part of sailing and racing there ever since. It’s a special place to me.

John Todd
Magnolia, Mass.

Light was a dead giveaway

Ezekiel Darling was the first keeper of Marblehead Light, before it was changed to the current, very distinctive construction that’s visible in this picture. We keep two sailboats in Manchester Harbor, which is just across Salem Sound from Marblehead, Mass.

Scott Davis
Manchester, Mass.

A mix of old and new

Marblehead Light is barely visible in the background to the right. The first large structure near it is the Corinthian Yacht Club. On the left, trees are visible in the area of Fort Sewall. Those who go ashore in Marblehead Harbor will find much to do, and, while there, because of the combination of old and new, you’ll feel like you’ve voyaged to a unique destination. In Abbot Hall (the town hall) you can view the original painting “The Spirit of ’76,” as well as many maritime artifacts. The building itself is a treasure. Be sure to go to the upper floor. Walking the narrow and twisting streets of Old Town provides a look into the fishing village’s past. Stop for a rest in Crocker Park and enjoy the beautiful view of the harbor. Then go shopping, drinking and eating at the many fine, non-chain, establishments.

Harvey Davidson
Sharon, Mass

Right to the point

Mystery Harbor in July Points East is Marblehead. I recognize the lighthouse. I’ve had a mooring there for 24 years.

Tom Anderson
Marblehead, Mass.

Grandfather worked at Graves

The latest Mystery Harbor is Marblehead, Mass. I recognize it by the iconic lighthouse in the back right corner of the photo. The harbor is special to me, as my grandfather, Charles Timmons, once worked in it at Graves Yacht Yard. Of special note, it was at Graves that he worked on two America’s Cup 12-Meter boats: Nefertiti and Easterner.

David Timmons
Methuen, Mass.

Lighthouse is unique here

For those of us who live here, your Mystery Harbor on page 10 of the July issue is easy. The lighthouse gives it away. Marblehead Light is the only one of its type (steel structure) in New England. Fort Sewall is the point on the left, and the large gray building under the trees to the right of the lighthouse is the Corinthian Yacht Club, one of six on the harbor. For the bi-annual Halifax Race, which kicked off July 7, we sponsored about 100 Canadian boats.

Joel P. Gleason
Marblehead, Mass.

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