Mystery Harbor August: Wychmere Harbor, Harwich, Mass.

Well, look where I am!

Too funny! I picked up your magazine from West Marine in Hyannis and pulled over to flip through it a little after work on my way home.

I pulled over at my normal after work de-stressing spot, on the side of Route 28 in Harwich, to my right is the view in your photo: Wychmere harbor!

I take this as a sign from the universe that it’s time to stop dreaming about boats, and time to go find the one I want.

Nate Church

Brewster, Mass.

This is a favorite spot for us

The mystery harbor is Wychmere Harbor in Harwich Port, Mass. It is one of our favorite places mid-cape to view the change of seasons.

Scott & Kristen Nichols

Seekonk, Mass.

Must be during tourist season

Looks like Wychmere Harbor in Harwich, Mass., at a busy time of year. It has a wonderful “lookout” from Route 28. Drove past this view many times while working at the old Harwich H.S. Go Rough Riders! The large, long building at harbor entrance was the iconic Thompson’s Clam Bar later to become the Wychmere Beach Club. As a HHS class advisor, I remember organizing a school prom there. What a beautiful setting. The old HHS sailing team used to practice in this harbor. HHS closed at the end of the 2013-2014 school year and became part of the current Monomoy High School.

Nancy Buckley

East Sandwicb, Mass.


It’s been a life-long relationship

I’ve spent many hours in Wychmere as a boy putting around in my skiff, later in years we used to pull up to Thompson’s Clam Bar and have a nice lunch. Now, in my senior years, I’m an assistant harbormaster and oversee that harbor, along with Saquatucket, Allen Harbor Herring River and Red River! Wychmere is a quintessential little harbor and continues to serve up many fond memories.

Allan Fish

West Harwich, Mass.


One of the prettiest harbors

Summer vacations at my grandfather’s in Falmouth and later in Harwichport with my family took us by and sometimes into Wychmere Harbor. The former Thompson’s Clam Bar can be seen to the right, was always a special treat. One of the prettiest harbors in New England.

Harrie C. Patrick

North Kingstown, R.I.


I’ve been there once

I’ve only been in this harbor once, with my friend PJ, a Cape Cod Native. The narrow entrance with the Wychmere Beach Club on the left was very impressive.

Scott Davis

Manchester, Mass.


Thompson’s Clam Bar was there

It’s where Thompson’s Clam Bar was located for years! There is a catchy jingle about the place they blasted on radio.

Paul Reiss

Brewster, Mass.



Lots of memories here

This is Wychmere Harbor in Harwichport, Mass. (Cape Cod, Nantucket Sound approach)

I spent summers here as a youth and beyond. This is where I first learned to sail at Stone Horse Yacht Club. In the ’70s we used Waterbugs in sailing school; heavy, sturdy wooden mainsail driven boats that often leaked. A “Tod” story is told here, as once I was hysterically upset with a leak and Tod Lee who was nearby the dock, picked up a sliver of a wood shingle, jammed it into the leak and she held tight for the day. There were many great men and women sailors who were influential in my early sailing days. In one of the early years, I managed to win the overall club championship in the Waterbug. To this day, I am not sure how that went over with the highly competitive adult sailors in other fleets. I can remember countless dinghy excursions for a seeming multitude of purposes – fishing, swimming, deliberate swamps and straining the Seagull outboard. Many great sailing seasons followed.

Wychmere was originally a pond, and was dredged to the present day harbor in the former salt meadow. I remember racing down to the harbor to observe the unlucky folks who ran aground in the narrow channel. Tacking out the channel was routine in the prevailing southwesterly. The buildings shown in this picture (Wychmere Harbor Inn, Thompson’s Clam Bar and the Harwichport Boat Works) complicated the tacking out process with all sorts of fluky winds. This probably helped my present day patience factor in tight situations.

I visit from time to time and have many fond memories here. I know that this harbor, always full in the summer, is one of the most photographed harbors in the region.

Andrew Hudson

Lincolnville, Maine