Midwinter Mystery Harbor: Camden (Maine) Harbor

Grew up in Camden

The Mystery Harbor is Camden, Maine. I was born and grew up in Camden during the ’50s and ’60s. Looking out, the harbor is Curtis Island. My great-grandfather was a lighthouse keeper there when it was called Negro Island.

Anson Norton

Thomaston, Maine


Maine to France, 1977

This is the outer harbor of Camden, Maine, with Curtis Island visible in the background. In 1977 I sailed the 45’ Maine-built schooner Fiddler’s Green across the Atlantic from here to St. Malo, France, as watch captain. Memorable on that voyage was a very rough trip around Nova Scotia’s Sable Island. After 20 years in France, the schooner’s French skipper put her on the rocks, and she sank. I also have many happy memories of sailing with my family on our little Venture 22 between Bar Harbor and Portland.

Reinhard Zollitsch

Orono, Maine


View is quite different in summer

The Mystery Harbor is definitely Camden, Maine. Having grown up there, and being that I have played and worked in this harbor all of my life, it was easy to spot. The first view is from Willey Wharf, about halfway down the west side of the inner harbor. The Lyman-Morse – formerly Wayfarer Marine – pier is seen on the far left, and the Camden Yacht Club clubhouse is to the far right. Curtis Island and Dillingham Point are seen in the distance. Lasalle and Lime islands are on the horizon. The second [on page 10] is probably from the lawn of a private residence further out on Bayview Street near town-owned Laite Beach and Park. The view sure is different in summer, when most of what is visible in the photos is covered by some sort of vessel. Thanks for a great magazine!

Tim Galvin

Northport, Maine


Kids worked there

The Mystery Harbor is Camden Harbor. My son worked at Wayfarer Marine on the left-hand side of the harbor while he was going to school at Maine Maritime Academy. My daughter also worked on the harbor, selling tickets for daytrips on the 57’ schooner Surprise.

Bill Weir

Bass Harbor, Maine


Looks great even in winter

That is Camden, Maine, with Curtis Island in the background and lots of empty floats – a nice winter scene. The Waterfront restaurant is close to where the shots were taken. I used to sail there, but now live part time in Belfast, a short drive away. Love Points East; usually get it at Hamilton Marine, in Searsport.

Detlef Joerss

Mamaroneck, N.Y.


They cruise from Shelter Island, N.Y., to Camden every year

The Mystery Harbor in the Midwinter 2021 issue is Camden Harbor. The floats that are attached to moorings in the top photo give those tying up the ability to step off their vessel without getting wet. Each accommodates two boats. My wife and I have utilized these moorings (floats) for many years as we cruised from Shelter Island, N.Y., to lovely Camden each summer.

Capt. Ken Wright

North Palm Beach, Fla.


It doesn’t get any better

The Mystery Harbor in your Midwinter 2021 issue is Camden, Maine. The photos feature Curtis Island, which sits securely at the mouth of the outer harbor opposite Sherman Cove. We’ve sailed out of Camden, our homeport, for the past 25 years on Melita, our Nonsuch 36. The harbor is lovely, well-protected in every type of weather, and has an equally lovely town adjacent to it. Of course, Penobscot Bay, on which Camden resides, is among the most interesting and varied sailing waters in New England and, perhaps, the world. It doesn’t get better than Camden.

Richard Fried

Marblehead, Mass.


Many good times

The harbor shown is Camden Harbor looking out to Curtis Island. I grew up in the Camden area and the first picture is more or less where we watch the 4th of July fireworks every year. I worked at Wayfarer Marine, which would be on the left side of the pic, out of sight, and launched many boats from the Travelift pier. The Camden Yacht Club is the building to the right behind the fueling ladder. I’m 57 now, and have had many good times in beautiful Camden Harbor. If the pictures were in the other direction, you could see the star on top of Mt. Battie.

Ken Butler

Appleton, Maine


A special place in our hearts

Camden harbor holds a special place in my heart as the site of the wedding that got away. October 17, 2020 will always be a special day for my wife to be and I. We plan to honor the day with an annual late season sail to spend the weekend in Camden. Turns out we dodged a bullet as 10/17/2020 winds were pushing gale force and battering the library amphitheater to pieces. Strangely enough there was a storm just like it same day the year prior… go figure. Anyway pushing out our date to June 5th 2021 and opting for a small gathering gave us the extra cash on hand to purchase our first ocean going boat a Sabre 28. Looking forward to splashing this spring and sailing out of Deer Isle down to Camden Harbor!

Kyle McBrien

Portland, Maine