June: Stony Creek, Branford, Conn.

Gateway to the Thimbles

The harbor in the June 2019 issue of Points East is Stony Creek, in Branford, Conn. The shot appears to have been taken while standing on the end of the ferry dock looking north. The ferry dock provides access to the Thimble Islands roughly a mile to the south, known locally in this part of Connecticut to be our own small taste of the Maine coast. Most of the Thimbles are privately owned, but Outer Island, which is the southernmost island in the collection owned by the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service as part of the Stewart B. McKinney National Wildlife Refuge, is open to the public. You can go ashore by dinghy. You can also get a tour by either water taxi or the tour boat, which provides a great narrative on the history of the islands, including legends of visits by pirates. The small village of Stony Creek has a few shops and a very good pizza restaurant. Not sure about transient dockage, but if one anchors out, you can stash the dinghy at the public boat launch just to the north of the marina in the foreground of this picture.

Peter Shosho
Guilford, Conn.

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