December: Sippican Harbor, Marion, Mass.

Sail still more popular than power

No doubt, that would be Sippican Harbor in Marion, Mass. Photo taken from the front lawn of Barden’s Boat Yard. Growing up I spent summers in nearby Wareham, Mass., and most Saturday mornings found my dad and me traveling over to Marion to buy the morning newspaper, then visiting Barden’s Boat Yard and Burr Brothers Boats to check out the activity at the two facilities. We visited Sippican a few times over the 37 years that we sailed our Cal 21 out of Wareham, picking up a mooring off Barden’s while we ate our lunch. Lately, since selling the Cal, we rarely get to Marion by boat, although on a few calm mornings (yes, we do get those on Buzzards Bay) we have made the trip in our little 14’ powerboat. I’ve always enjoyed visiting Marion, with its quaint, old whaling-village atmosphere. For a lifetime sailor like me, the best part of Marion is the fact that sailboats seem to outnumber powerboats by a healthy margin in the harbor.

Rodney Johnson
Plainville, Mass.

Marion-Bermuda starts there

There’s always a rainbow over Sippican Harbor in Marion, Mass. – at least for the people who are lucky enough to keep their boat there! The view is from one of two boatyards in Marion, Barden’s Boat Yard. Sippican Harbor sits on the western shore near the top of Buzzards Bay and is a popular stopping-off spot for boats transiting the Cape Cod Canal. It’s also home to the Beverly Yacht Club. Founded in 1872, it is one of the oldest yacht clubs in the U.S., and a very welcoming place for sailors. It’s also the location of the start of the iconic Marion Bermuda Race.

Ray Cullum
Marion, Mass.

It’s a great destination

The photo is of Sippican Harbor in Marion, Mass., taken from the front porch area of Barden’s Boat Yard. Sippican Harbor is a deep-water port that features the town of Marion, Tabor Academy, the restaurant Kate’s Simple Eats, and the Serendipity by the Sea gift shop. Just a very special place.

Dave Calhoun
Duxbury, Mass.

Short but sweet

It’s Sippican Harbor, shot from Barden’s Boat Yard. I’m happy to report that I’ve spent many weekend mornings drinking coffee with the guys at Barden’s. A beautiful spot.

David Knott
Marion, Mass.

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