August/September Mystery Harbor: We finally have an answer! Linekin Bay

This was definitely one of the hardest Mystery Harbors we’ve posted in a long time. You can blame former editor and Points East founder Sandy Marsters who came up with the image. Sandy’s tip about the harbor’s connection to Roger Duncan did finally elicit three correct answers, which are below.


Bringing back the past

I am sure you have received other answers, but I thought I would try after reading your September 2022 edition from cover to cover in the cockpit of our sailboat moored in Linekin Bay, Maine, today.

I believe that the Mystery Harbor is the Linekin Bay boat ramp on Murray Hill Road in East Boothbay, Maine. The hint about Roger Duncan was clever, quite like Mary and Roger themselves. Amazing folks! When we launched our boat for the first time in 2010, quite close to where the Duncan’s had lived, from P.E. Luke Boat Yard, I prayed to Roger Duncan for a good launch.

The spot you have shown is at the boat ramp off Murray Hill Rd. There is also a small “park” where we had lunch every Wednesday during the time that Jack worked for Hodgdon Yachts at the Murray Hill plant. It is a special spot where you can see out to Squirrel Island and loads of sea life, both in the air and in the water. Jack had a “pet” crow who recognized him at the park, and we also enjoyed watching the locust tree there change with the seasons.

Hopefully, I am correct, but thanks for bringing back good memories of the Duncan family (I knew his brother, Donald, and his wife as well) and of a time past.

Carolyn and Jack Shubert

Maine and N.M. (S/V Flying Fish)


Ramp can be covered in seaweed

When we had our Hunter 170, Watery Tart, we would rent a house on the north side of the bay. This is the view from the boat ramp in East Boothbay which we used at the beginning and end of each vacation. There are rakes at the ramp to assist in removing the seaweed before trying to launch or retrieve. While waiting to use the ramp, I saw an impatient boater try to use the ramp while covered with seaweed. I thought we would be there all day, but after he realized his error and cleared the ramp, he was able to get his boat out of the way so I could start my vacation!

Chuck Faraci

Littleton, Mass.


Duncan reference did it

I’ve enjoyed your magazine for years and especially liked the Dodge Morgan observations. I think that this is Linekin Bay in Maine, around the corner from Boothbay Harbor. The Roger Duncan hint is what led me to that conclusion. I remember him and his wife very well, taking on clients, cleaning the bottom at low tide and ghosting out of the mist somewhere down east. It was a fun time, and the game of “Lead line and lookout” was not an idle thought. His cruising guide was a must-have on any boat and fun to read in the winter, “When we mostly stayed ashore.”

Bob Smith

Rockport, Mass.

Close, but not quite

We appreciate everyone who gave our Mystery Harbor guess a shot – these were close… but no cigar (sorry!)


Somesville Harbor

I just spent three very rainy days there. The dock on the right of the pictures cemented my decision. There is good anchoring, a dock to go ashore and an easy walk to the main road to catch an Acadia bus. No lobster boats to wake you in the morning.

Stephen Lele

Bedford, Mass.

Southwest Harbor

I believe that the Mystery Harbor in your September issue is Southwest Harbor; based on your clue, that he may have launched a boat there and his friendship with Boatbuilder Ralph Stanley.

Todd Hopkins

Dresden, Maine

Frenchboro, Maine

Northwest side of Long Island. Southeast of Swans Island.I picked up a mooring there in the summer of 2020 – a quiet place, even quieter during COVID.

Stephen Hermans

Exeter, N.H.


Corea, Maine

I’ve only sailed into there once, several years ago, but I’ve sailed to and along the Maine coast from Noank, Conn. many summers, usually with an Australian shepherd.

Mac Turner

Noank, Conn.


Southwest Harbor

Drive past it in Maine. It’s absolutely beautiful; I wish I could sail on it.

Steve Harris

Hudson, N.Y.