August Mystery Harbor: Frenchboro, Maine

Yep, you’re right

I’m going to take a wild guess and say this may be Lunt Harbor in Frenchboro, which is on Long Island, in Maine. If it is, it’s a nice place to grab a lobster and head for Northeast or Southwest Harbor, or from which to head to other points Down East. There’s a nice, small gift shop up from the dock.

Herb Schneider
Kingston, Mass.

Hello from the deli crew

Definitely Lunt Harbor, in Frenchboro. You are looking north at near dead low tide from a spot just west of the town dock, on the road to the church. Lunt’s Dockside Deli is just out of frame (you can just see the tip of our dinghy dock right above the left side of the inner harbor ledge). That appears to be f/v Joanne’s Angels in the foreground with her captain, Zach Lunt, aboard in the red T-shirt. The berm of land in the center of the photo is the old Davis family property, which divides the inner from the outer harbor. Mariners may find it interesting that the inner harbor ledge is a natural instrument that helps our working harbor to stay active all winter by breaking up ice with every falling tide.

The Deli Crew, Lunt’s Dockside Deli
Frenchboro, Maine

Grandmother was born in Frenchboro

The Mystery Harbor photo appears to be from Lunt Harbor in Frenchboro, Maine, a small island off the coast of Swans Island near Bass Harbor, Maine. I spent a few weeks in the summer in Frenchboro when I was a kid. It’s also the birthplace of my grandmother. Each year on the second Saturday in August is the Annual Frenchboro Lobster Dinner, an event that’s open to the public.

Randall Payson
Cumberland, Maine

Best . . . well, read on

After docking your dinghy at Lunt & Lunt [the lobster pound, where Lunt’s Dockside Deli also resides], and walking the narrow road that circles the harbor, you’ll soon pass the one-room schoolhouse. I believe August’s Mystery Harbor photo was shot from a vantage point just beyond the schoolhouse, looking back at the harbor. Frenchboro is one of my family’s favorite stops in the area: Best place to eat lobster, best place to pick fresh wild berries, some of the best hiking trails and beaches and one of the best tiny libraries off the coast of Maine.

Tom Young
Rockport, Maine

Lunt family joined them for a slice of pie

I was just there recently. The photo shows the inner harbor and cleverly avoids showing the dock at Lunt’s. My wife and I have been eating lobster there since 1984. This trip gave me an opportunity to stop by the island museum and gift shop and purchase a new Frenchboro ball cap. The night we were there we enjoyed another great lobster dinner, along with three of our friends from the s/v Shona. Members of the Lunt family came down and joined us as the blueberry pie was being served for dessert. Just another perfect night at one of our favorite places.

Russ and Marty Roth
Rockland, Maine, and Portsmouth, N.H.

There’s a French restaurant . . . maybe

It’s definitely the inner part of Lunt Harbor in Frenchboro. I wouldn’t take my dinghy in there at high tide, let alone at low, when the picture was taken. To get this view, pick up a mooring in the outer harbor, take your dingy to the dock and walk to this location. While you’re at it, continue your walk through the woods to the stone beach on the south shore.

One late Saturday afternoon our engine temperature alarm went off at Bell G1 at the west entrance. We picked up a mooring and found our fan belt shredded. We also found that it was a good idea to carry a spare, but this was a new lesson that we haven’t since forgotten. Someone suggested we walk into “town” and see if one of the lobstermen who lived there could help us. We did, and found him working on his runabout. He asked if we had tools (which we did) and seemed relieved that he would not have to rescue us entirely. He went into his garage and came out with a fist full of belts. We went back to the boat and found one that fit perfectly. We returned the rest with our thanks and a little more than the spare cost us in Northeast Harbor on Monday morning.

Another afternoon, we picked up a mooring and a boat from the south noticed our Davenport, Iowa, hailing port. The owner told us (the moorings are fairly tight) that his grandfather had been a POW at the Confederate prison camp at Rock Island (across the Mississippi River from Davenport), and that at the end of the war he was given a gun and he walked home.

We also found an excellent French restaurant on Long Island, but it’s only open when Denny and Marsh are there, and by invitation only, so Points East readers should pick up lobsters and not count on this.

Mike Steffenson
Davenport, Iowa

If anyone would know it would be the Lunts

We believe this is Lunt Harbor on Frenchboro, Maine. The wharf you see used to be ours. It is now our son’s, and that’s him and his boat!

Dan and Linda Lunt
Otter Creek, Maine

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