Marshall Island: A true Maine getaway

Marshall is one of dozens of islands in the MDI/Deer Isle/Penobscot Bay region that affords public access. Materials from the Maine Island Trail Association ( and Maine Coast Heritage Trust ( outline which islands you can visit by oar and paddle, sail or powerboat and which islands offer camping options. Marshall has three distinct campsites in different areas of the island, plus several suitable anchoring harbors.

Trailer boaters can access Marshall from Seal Cove in Tremont or launch from the ramp at the end of the Deer Isle bridge (half-tide and above), the paved and gravel ramps at Sedgwick, on Eggemoggin Reach, the all-tide ramp at Bass Harbor (plan for parking), or make the run out of Manset, at Southwest Harbor, or from the ramp at Northeast Harbor, motoring down the east side of Swans Island. From this area, at 20 to 22 knots, it is a 50-to-60-minute trip to Marshall.

Swans Island, north of Marshall, can be accessed by ferry daily from Bass Harbor. Swans offers 20 miles of excellent biking roads, a granite-quarry swimming hole, and the historic Burnt Coat Harbor lighthouse, but there are minimal facilities for dining and shopping. Several parks spread around the island have tables and toilets. Unlike Isle au Haut or Frenchboro, Marshall is not served by ferries or commercial boats.