We made it!

Points East Crew Match party at Handy Boat 2022. It was good to finally meet in person. Photo by Ali Wisch Fabre

December 2022

By Ali Wisch Fabre

2023 is just around the corner. It’s Everyone’s a winnertime to set intentions for the new year, reflect on the year behind us and figure out how to keep busy when going for a putt about in the harbor, a sunset sail or that Wednesday night race is off the itinerary for the next few months.

2022 was the year that we finally got our lives back, post-COVID. Remember when we couldn’t go outside? When we checked for our keys, wallet, cell phone – and mask, and hand sanitizer, before leaving the front door? Sometimes I forget. I was so excited that things were returning to normal – I almost didn’t notice it happening. I am overwhelmed with gratitude for the sense of normalcy that 2022 brought us.

I’m also endlessly grateful for the Points East community. Without our readers, we wouldn’t be here, so thank you. I would also like to specifically thank everyone who responded to our Oct/Nov Mystery Harbor (answers on page 9). Going through the replies was a bit like running a marathon; a lot of work and a lot of rewards. I’ll be the first to admit that we followed two months of a very mysterious harbor with what I’ve deemed the “not-so-mystery-harbor,” a place that, apparently, everyone and their neighbor has visited. As for the small percentage of readers that haven’t been there, I think after looking at the replies, it is fair to say – you have been warned.

I wish we could have printed everyone’s answer. Take a peek online if you don’t see yours on the page, and just so you know – you’re all winners in my heart. I’d also like to encourage everyone to continue sending in those MH guesses, letters, photos and article submissions. We love hearing from you.

Now, while I enjoy curling up by the fireplace with a good book like the next person, I can only live out this cliché so many times per winter before I need to worry about smoke inhalation, not to mention the strain on my eyes. Reading in low light is nice – in theory. However, if you’re going to get lost in a piece of literature and you’ve already re-read every issue of Points East, pick up the “Eldridge Tide and Pilot” book. I would tell you why, but Will Sofrin already does in “Eldridge is a gift” on page 38. He also serves up an all-you-can-eat buffet of information about the tides. I promise even the expert will learn something new.

Speaking of Sofrin’s buffet, winter is an excellent time to break out your chef’s apron and improve your culinary skills. If you’re hesitant to step into the galley, just look at Jean Kerr’s fruitcake recipe on page 37, and you may feel a bit more motivated. I’ll give you a hint – rum. You’re welcome.

Once you’ve cooked up something yummy, reach out to an old friend. What’s better than reconnecting over some rum-soaked sweetness? In Patrick Brogan’s Guest Perspective on page 18, he describes connections missed and made and reminds us how the universe works in a funny way connecting us in more ways than one.

Either that, or we need to start a game of the six degrees of separation featuring the one and only David Sharp. You’ll see why. Don’t believe me? Go to the Letters department. In “It’s a small world after all,” Randy Randall proves that we’re talking, really small. Then go to our Yardwork department and check out Dave’s piece about his DIY windshield washer install. Maybe it will inspire your next project.

I, for one, am looking forward to the year ahead. I love that we have December to decide what to do with the fresh start coming our way. Have a wonderful winter, and we’ll see you next year.