The meantime

Ahoy mates…

There is nothing to do in quarantine except eat. So, I am making clam chowder. Uh…right! Rhode Island clear clam chowder using Muriel’s Rule…to wit…you can never use too much dill. I threw in a little Canadian flounder. Haddock is over $10/lb. Astonishing!

It’s delightfully weird here in The City by the Sea. The marinas are quiet. And even the halyards seem to have picked up on it and have stopped whanging. A few sailboats are out on their moorings. It looks like Don Glassie’s old schooney is a-bobbin’ at the south end of Goat Island. The juvey loons are still hanging in the harbor and enjoying the human-less shorescape. Their plumage is starting to flip into adulthood, and next spring when their eyes turn sapphire they will be off to the north country. For the rest of us…there is the meantime.

Chuck Roast
Newport, R.I.