Searching for fluke

We weren’t after Sea Robins, Rays or Sharks, but we saw a lot of that. Peg caught the only keeper Fluke. We went all over looking for Fluke or Sea Bass. From Niantic to Fisher’s Island, no joy.

Closer to our home docks we finally connected with one nice keeper Fluke. Believe me, I know all the good spots, too. Where are they this year? We talked with a boat back form Montauk. They had a good haul of fish, weighing up to over 10 lbs. I’m going to have to think about that.
Smooth and glassy in the AM. Light breeze and calm seas in the PM. Sunny, warm.
In the afternoon we saw the CG Barque “Eagle” coming into port.

Depth 20′-90′ Water temp 76 deg calm, slow drifts.
Sinkers 5-12 oz
Homemade Fluke rigs with Fluke belly, squid strips and Virginia minnows.

Capt Nord Yakovleff
Binary Star
New London

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