Hallett Sails shifts to mask making

While this is a challenging time for all businesses, the folks at Hallett Sails haven’t allowed that fact to get them down. They’ve pivoted from their usual production to making masks for the community. This has allowed them to continue paying their employees and even add some furloughed family members to the mask production line.

“Not only that but it felt flat out good to be able to help by using our facility and skills. For this we are thankful! As we continue the journey to maintain a safe working space, we welcome you to reach out if you need masks or assistance! We are so thankful to our patient customers as well! We are certainly going to remember these faces that helped us survive through a pandemic! We are here, we are strong, and it is going to take a lot more than COVID-19 to knock us off our feet!” they write in a recent Facebook post.