Goodbye until spring

The boat is now out of the water for this season. We will put it away for the winter, and I will start prepping it for another year on the water this spring.

Our Tuesday final trip was typical. Peg put two keepers in the cooler. Flat seas in the morning and no wind made for a good start. Winds and seas definitely picked up in the afternoon.

I have noticed that the best Tog fishing in our secret spot is between tides, when the current is changing direction. This is not always true though. Anyway, the tides were not working for us on Tuesday, but we made the best of it.

We caught a lot of shorts. Did we already clean out the big ones here?

Calm seas in the AM Choppy and breezy in the PM Depth 21

Bait: Green Crab cut in pieces. Sinkers 4 oz.

Cloudy and cool most of the day

We will try to have the boat in the water again in late May-mid June.

See you then. That’s all folks!

Capt Nord Yakovleff
Binary Star
New London