From a subscriber in Minnesota

The following is a response we received from a subscriber who lives in Minnesota after receiving a note from publisher Joe Burke about the digital-only version of the magazine:

Thanks for this visit to the Downeast via Points East online. I love it. The ability to go directly to a website is really great. The various articles on sailing, the ( apparently not so incessant ) fog, finding your way along the Coast – it all was entertaining and just what my doctor-who-I-can’t-visit would have ordered if I had been able to talk with him. Instead Points East online became my therapist, my coach, my counselor and my guide – even as I am locked down, locked in, and locked out here in river city, Minneapolis, MN.

The ice is out on the Mississippi River, but there is no evidence of sailboats on the river. The county rescue boats have been out, after someone went into the river. Homeless folks are leaving shelters where they fear catching the COVID-19 virus and are showing up on the river banks of our gorge area ( the only gorge along the 2300 miles Mississippi River ) living under plastic sheets and covered in blankets and old sleeping bags. We leave them our old sleeping bags plus a warm cup of coffee if we see the individuals living beside the river.

Because there is so much less traffic – many fewer cars, buses, trucks, jets overhead, etc – we are seeing lots of wildlife along the river and in the ‘hood – coyotes are hunting through the neighborhood, wild turkeys strut along our sidewalks and streets staring down dogs, cats and kids, turkey vultures are busily consuming the scraps of roadkill squirrels and red foxes are scampering around the neighborhood. The eagles have come back to nest in their nearby nest – for the 11th year. I have to say that the city seems to be aspiring to become country again. I would welcome that.

Hope you all are well. We had to cancel our annual spring trip to Downeast Maine, but we are hoping for mid-September or early October. Hope springs eternal, and Downeast beckons – I hear you calling.

Dave Gagne
Minneapolis, MN