Fishing’s slow

Fishing is slow. We still manage to catch a few now and then. We catch too many Sea Robins. We don’t keep them. They are too hard to fillet. They are neat looking fish with colors like a land Robin. They are vocal too. They grunt grunt when they land on the deck. We release Sea Robins unharmed.
It was cloudy and dark when we left the dock, so we didn’t go too far out. Turns out it cleared up after lunch and got quite pleasant. We had a couple of good bites, but Peg only landed two keepers. We saw a sub going out of the harbor.

Water temp 68 deg. Seas 1′ or less Light winds.
Depth 25′-70′ Sinkers 6-8 oz.
Bait: squid strips, minnows, eel chunks, shrimp.

Capt Nord Yakovleff
Binary Star
New London

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