December: Graveyard Point, Harpswell, Maine

If you can correctly identify this harbor, you’ll be on your way to winning a fine Points East designer cap. To qualify, identify the harbor AND tell us something about the harbor, such as how you recognized it and some reasons you like to hang out there. We’ll pick a winner from the most informative and interesting correct reply we receive and print the answers in the next issue of Points East and also post them here.

Petunia and I enjoy the Mystery Harbor

This mystery harbor is Graveyard Point, which is located close to the tip of Harpswell Neck in Harpswell. I have enjoyed this little beach, along with my pug Petunia, for many years.

There is literally a very old graveyard that overlooks this mystery spot, which is an interesting place to visit. The view portrayed in your photo has changed a bit as the old fish house has been removed. It is a great spot to launch a kayak, to look for beach treasures while your dog enjoys a romp, or to just sit quietly while soaking in the gorgeous scenery that is the coast of Maine.

Jennifer Pickering
Harpswell, Maine

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