April: Jonesport, Maine

That’s Buckman’s boat!

This is the yachtie’s float in Jonesport, Maine, behind the breakwater. That’s Dave Buckman’s Leight made fast at the eastern end. Did he take this picture? I’ve been going there for nearly 40 years to replenish supplies while cruising Downeast. Not so easy now that the IGA closed on Main Street and the nearest store is a long, long walk. However, the locals are very friendly and often give a ride to and fro. The local boats always slow down when passing my small sailboat. That doesn’t happen everywhere in Maine. A great place.

Walter Wales
Chamberlain, Maine

Editor’s Note: This is a David Buckman shot, and that’s his Leight tied to the dock – a detail this editor hadn’t noticed until it was pointed out to him.

It’s way Downeast

The answer is Jonesport. It’s way Downeast, and I cruised there long ago. I recognize the dinghy dock.
Bob White
Rockport, Maine

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