Cruising? Crave pizza? Grill it

Kelsey Silfvenius and the specialty of the boat, grilled pizza, served with a smile in Northeast Harbor, Maine. Photo by Anne-Louise Rowe

October 2004

By Ann-Louise Rowe
Wolfeboro Falls, N.H

Last year we moved up from sailing Maine’s Penobscot Bay in our Catalina 22 with our family of four to sailing our Hunter 27, Folly. Now that we do not have to pack and unpack our stove for each meal, we had to look for another challenge.

We do not have an oven and we crave pizza. So this summer we took our success with our pizza on the barbecue at our house, and tried it on the barbecue on the boat. What a treat!

Because it is a small barbecue, we have to make two pizzas, instead of the one large one we usually make! We use a simple pizza dough recipe (best if it is allowed to rise for an hour), roll it out-with a beer bottle or anything round, brush it with olive oil, and put it on a round pizza pan (the kind with air holes, which fits perfectly in our barbecue), and put it on the barbecue with the lid on until the crust starts to bubble.

Brush it with olive oil, and flip it over with a spatula. Spoon pizza sauce over the top, add toppings of your choice, add cheese, and remove it as soon as the cheese melts. Our daughter, Kelsey Silfvenius, is shown in the picture with our masterpiece, in Northeast Harbor in August 2004.