I Miss Sailing!

In 2015 I left ‘normal’ life to pursue a dream to sail away. From 2015 – 2020 I was a liveaboard sailor, cruising and crewing on many different types of boats to many different (and very cool) places. I’ve spent a lot of time in Panama, along with other countries (including Cuba). In the U.S. I’ve been all over Florida, the Chesapeake, and did 987 miles on the ICW! For one glorious summer I cruised the New England coast and it has been one of my favorite places. Maine is my happy place! In 2020, based in West Palm Beach with my partner, we were days away from shoving off to the Caribbean…when Covid derailed our plans and sent us in different directions.

With no real ‘home base’, I came to NH to be near family, and that’s where I remain today. I hadn’t sailed in over 2 years and was really missing the water. I finally had the chance to do some sailing in Maine last summer and fall. And yes, I still loved it! I’m now looking to find some sailing connections and opportunities near NH.

I’m retired and have flexible availability. I know my way around boats, but I’m always looking to improve my sailing skills. I’m not afraid to get dirty or pitch in to help. My racing experience is limited to crewing on Lightnings and some beer can races on Lake Michigan, but I’m open to learning. Ideally, I’d like to do some day sailing or coastal cruising. I am close to achieving my goal of seeing the entire East Coast by water. I only need to make it from Northeast Harbor to the Canadian border. If you’re sailing that way, I’m interested!

I just miss being on the water! I miss talking to other sailors and would like to find a ‘community’. Oh, and I have a lot of good stories to tell!

Name: Joyce Umperovitch

Email: jumperann19@yahoo.com

Telephone: 603-867-0350

Boat name/manufacturer/length:
Boating style: Day Sailing, Cruising, Racing: buoys, Coastal, Offshore
Region: Maine: Midcoast, Maine: Portland, New Hampshire, Mass: North Shore
Experience level: somewhat-experienced
Availability: weekends, weekdays Date posted: April 19, 2023

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