August: Camden, Maine harbor


If you can correctly identify this harbor, you’ll be on your way to winning a fine Points East designer cap. To qualify, identify the harbor AND tell us something about the harbor, such as how you recognized it and some reasons you like to hang out there. We’ll pick a winner from the most informative and interesting correct reply we receive and print the answers in the next issue of Points East and also post them here.

Those were halcyon days

Ooooh, that is a very crafty picture. It’s a photo of Camden (Maine) Harbor, but it’s artfully cropped to cut out the giveaway: Curtis (formerly Negro) Island.

That’s Dillingham Point on the right, and I’ll bet the photo was taken (with a very long lens) from the lawn of the Camden Yacht Club. Could it have been taken in early spring? There don’t seem to be any boats on the moorings.

I taught sailing at the CYC in the summers of 1971 and 1972. A fellow team member was local boy Steve White, who now runs Mystic Seaport. We all – including the kids – had a great time. Those were halcyon days, and everyone learned a lot. On sunny days we just got out in the boats and had fun. The picture I sent was taken on just such a day. On rainy or foggy days we tied knots in the club and climbed Mt. Battie. Dinners out were at “The Helm on Elm.”

I’m sure Camden was a simpler place then, and a fond memory is driving down to Portland for the Monhegan Race with the “other” Arthur Watson in his huge Caddy convertible. I have returned many times since, but almost always by boat. It’s such a wonderful place – where the mountains meet the sea. My parents were lifelong cruisers, in Maine and beyond, and I have a lot of Maine memories. I enjoy Points East so much – so much that I receive my copies by mail, and I always look forward to the next issue.

Arthur Watson
Washington, D.C.

The ramp was MBNA America gift

The mystery harbor is Camden, Maine, as seen from the lawn of the Camden Yacht Club. Having grown up rowing, sailing, and usually found in Camden Harbor, and being a former employee of the CYC, I recognize this as the southeastern view from the club. Dillingham Point is to the right, although the house has recently been torn down and is now being replaced, and Curtis Island is to the left.

The framed ramp in the foreground was installed at the property adjacent to the club by MBNA America when they were prevalent in town. I would estimate that this photo was taken in the spring as, usually, by late May/early June, this view would be loaded with moored vessels. However, that looks like schooner Olad and f/v Harvest Moon working in the cut, so the season has begun! Thanks for a great publication.

Capt. Tim Galvin
Camden, Maine

Is that the schooner Appledore?

That’s the schooner Appledore out there. A corner of Curtis Island is on the left, with Dillingham Point to the right. The Fox Islands are on the horizon.

The image was made in early spring: There are too many moorings unoccupied.

David Lyman
Camden, Maine

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