An adventure at the boatyard

Photo on 8-8-15 at 6.20 PMMary and I headed for a boat ride today. Got there and the battery was dead. Stupid float switch had become stuck, which means that the little Rule pump had been merrily pumping dry for up to a week. Anyway, parked next to us at SoPo marina is an old motorboat that two women run as a floating ice cream stand on weekends. They are tough and probably ran their neighborhoods with iron fists growing up, but very nice.  One of them offered to retrieve an extension cord and charger from her truck and did so while her friends waited in the boat. I hooked it up and all was good and they went on their cruise and we ate our picnic and ever-industrious Mary cleaned the boat while I set about replacing the float switch while the battery charged. Slow, but progress, only not enough juice to turn the motor over much. I kept working. Then I noticed there was no charging going on. Huh? Charger was humming away fine, but nothing at the battery.  I traced the cord back toward the charger. Oh shit! I had opened a locker and the power cord had been cleanly cut by a hinge. I now had an electric hinge. I hate to think of what would have happened to anyone who touched that hinge. I shut everything down and decided the only proper thing to do was to replace the charger, so went to NAPA, where they had a good laugh at the old charger. I bought a new one for $40. I placed that with a note in the woman’s truck and took the old one home. I mean the old charger, not the old woman. I repaired the old one — charger — this afternoon, minus about a foot of cable. We never got our boat ride, and we still have a dead battery. But now we have a funky old charger that will probably kill me one day. Mary says no more borrowing.

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