A season of sailing in four minutes

In these troubled times, we encourage you to watch this video created by Sandy Hook, Conn., cruiser Jack CarlsonĀ  summarizing his 2019 season on the water. Jack and his Catalina 36 Mind’s Eye cruise out of Milford, Conn. It offers hope that we’ll get through our current situation to better times.

From Jack:
I have been sailing out of Milford for over forty years. I was also member of Milford Yacht Club for fifteen years until the kids went off to college. We cruised New England for over twenty years in the current Mind’s Eye, bought new in 1988. Still love day sailing off our mooring there since retiring 8 years ago. Numerous friends at Port Milford are always good mates, many of whom have also been sailing since the seventies or eighties. If no one’s around, I’ll single hand the boat for two or three hours just to get out on the water. Ten years ago I started digitizing old Sony 8mm tape just to preserve the video from the eighties. It kind of expanded from there. As a side hobby, I’ve been doing the seasonal tapes over the winter since 2014.

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