A Mayflower sighting and some last-minute fishing

We wanted to get in some fishing time before tropical storm Isisais stirs thing up here in L.I.Sound. Sea conditions in the AM were 2′ with a lot of whitecaps. After lunch things calmed down and seas went to 1′. We noticed schools of bait fish swarming the surface. They looked like herring. We tried to catch the predators that were scaring them up to the surface, but we couldn’t hook them with what we had to offer. It was a Castmaster spoon with a bucktail.

We got to see the ship “Mayflower” out for sea trials after renovations at Mystic Seaport before going back to it’s homeport in Plymouth, Massachusetts.
Fishing is still kind of slow. We are getting a lot of shorts. The size limit to keep Fluke is 19″. We got a lot of 17″-18″ fish that we had to return to the ocean. Our bycatch was a couple of keeper Black Sea Bass that Peg got. We like to use Sea Bass for Sushi-Sashimi.

Seas 2′ in the AM 1′ after lunch.Warm with a breeze. Very sunny.
Bait Fluke belly, Squid strips, minnow, shrimp. Eel chunks
Sinkers 8-12 oz.

Capt Nord Yakovleff
Binary Star
New London