A harrowing adventure (and eventually a love story)

“Second Chances
By Greg Coppa; Stillwater River Publications, 2018; 246 pp.

Last summer, longtime Points East contributor and Wickford, R.I., resident Greg Coppa published, after many years of false starts, his novel “Second Chances.” The book follows a young man named Skip Thornton, a former Rhode Island resident who now lives in the Caribbean. When his existence there is suddenly upended, Skip “borrows” one of the charter boats in his care; and so begins a harrowing adventure. After a hurricane chases him back to Rhode Island, Skip realizes that it’s where he’s meant to be. And also that true love has awaited him there all along. Coppa knows the places of which he writes, and ushers us through the novel convincingly with details that ring true, and, above all, an eye for a good story.