A day at the beach is a good thing

August, 2006

Boon, as told to Jack Tracksler
For Points East

My Name is Boon. I’m a Bernese mountain dog and I live in Kittery Point, Maine. Locals call it “The Point.” Most days you can find me on my boat, the GKB, fishing for lobsters with my best friend, Adam.

But, when we’re not working there is nothing finer than a day at the beach.

It all started when I was a young pup and had just moved in with Adam and Kathy. It was winter and Adam had pulled all his pots for the season and was doing something called vacation. On one of his vacation trips he visited my family and me and it was then that we all decided to move in together at The Point

One day Adam and Kathy decided it was time for me to go to a place they called “The Beach.”

“Hey Boon want to go to The Beach?” Adam asked. I looked at him as if to say, “What’s The Beach”? I found out that next to sleeping in under the covers, there is no place better than The Beach! We go to Seapoint Beach in Kittery Point. There is a special spot between Seapoint Beach and Crescent Beach that I call “My Spot.” I can sit on the rocks and watch the surf and look at Boon Light, which I think was named after me.

The Beach is a great place to meet old friends and make new ones. Adam and Kathy and I go there almost every day. Sometimes Adam’s mother, Joyce, comes with us. She’s real nice, and I like her a lot. She’s fun and talks to everyone. So, that’s how we came to know Jack Orth. Jack had paddled to the beach on a canoe and was talking to Joyce about lobster boats. It seems that he lives in Jacksonville, Fla., but comes to Maine a lot and he really loves Maine lobster boats.

Well, when Joyce found that out she had him talk with Adam about our boat, the GKB. We invited him to come out with us one day, but Jack said, “ I get a little queasy out on the big blue water and it makes me nervous, but I’m OK in a canoe.” Jack used to be a Marine and I didn’t think anything made Marines nervous. We see him every now and then at the beach. He’s usually with his friends from the Parris Island Country Club, whatever that is. He always has a biscuit for me. When he leaves he says, “Semper fi, Boon,” and I bark “Semper Fi!” right back. I think it’s a greeting they use at their country club.

Strange things happen at the beach. We were there one day when I ran way ahead of Adam and Kathy so I could get to My Spot. I got up on a rock to look at Boon Light and turned around to see the biggest dog I have ever met! I’m a pretty good size pup, but this guy was HUGE. He was brown and had the longest legs I had ever seen. I sniffed him and he sniffed me. He didn’t smell like a dog. He didn’t smell like anything I had ever met. I looked up to see his big eyes and it looked like he wanted to play.

Adam yelled, “Hey Boon, it’s time to go!” So off I ran to get back to Adam. And this big guy ran too. Adam is a great guy, but sometimes when he doesn’t have his glasses he doesn’t see too well. He looked up and saw my new friend and me running toward him.

“Wow Kathy, look at the size of that dog with Boon!” Adam yelled. Kathy laughed and said, “Put your glasses on. That’s not a dog, it’s a fawn!”

“What’s a fawn?” I thought. “And why can he run so fast?”

The fawn ran right up to Adam and stopped. He looked Adam straight in the eye, nudged his hand with his nose and turned quickly to look into the woods. Then the fawn took off again and ran into the woods. I see him every once in a while, but now he doesn’t come out of the woods. I think a tree is growing out of his head! Deer are just not like dogs.

One day when we were at Fort Foster Adam and I went out on the pier. It stretches from the land almost all the way out to the abandoned Life Boat Station on Wood Island. It’s a great place to watch the boats as they come and go from Portsmouth Harbor.

One day we were out there and this small sailboat zipped right past us and headed for the beach! Adam saw a friend of his at the helm and yelled, “Hey, Nim, you’re going to run aground!” “No way,” he yelled back. “I’ll pull up the centerboard and meet you on the beach.”

And that’s what he did – slick as you can he put the boat right on the beach and dropped the sails. You can’t do that with a 65-foot lobster boat!

That day I made a new friend – Nim Marsh. He was doing research on lighthouses and decided to check out Whaleback from the waterside. Nim joined us for grilled burgers and hot dogs. He relaxed and looked at the Isles of Shoals. I like Nim. He gave me a couple of hot dogs.

After a full day at the beach, there’s a lot to be said for a nap. So while Adam, Kathy and Nim talked about lighthouses, I dozed. I dreamed of sailboats, hot dogs and The Beach.

It’s all pretty wonderful. Adam says, “Boon, you are one lucky dog.”

And you know what? I am.

Boon, whose autobiography is being written by Adam Tracksler, was introduced to Points East readers a year ago.