Writing for Points East

Want to write for Points East? Here are some tips.

We hope you submit an article to our magazine. After all, this is your magazine, the readers’ magazine, and we choose to publish interesting articles you send us — or stories about topics you’ve told us you want to see in Points East. Something to keep in mind: We are as much a magazine about people and places as about boats.

We have few specific guidelines except to keep articles short (features, 2,500 words max; essays 750 to 1,000 words), and to treat a particular topic as that subject according to you, from your standpoint and experiences. We have found that when people express themselves in their own way, and naturally express their enthusiasm in particular areas, interpret what they see on the basis of their own frame of reference, then the articles they write are communicated to our readers most successfully. Put in other words, we like authors to write in their own style, in a manner in which they are comfortable.

If we have one preference, it’s to write in the past tense, not the present (e.g., “We walked through the marina office,” not “We walk through the marina office). We feel the present tense generally works best in a piece filled with tension, intrigue and anticipation. If you have such an article, then by all means use the present tense with our blessing.

Send article (Word file) along a selection of images (200 dpi sized at 7 inches wide), including a choice of both vertical- and horizontal-format shots. Who knows, you may have a cover shot among your images.

Yes, we do pay for articles.

Remember: Your style is our style. This seems to work well for readers, authors and publisher alike.

Questions? Email me directly editor@pointseast.com. See you in the pages of Points East.

Ali Wisch