September: Buck’s Harbor


It’s a ‘One Morning in Maine’ location

I’ve often been mystified by Mystery Harbor photos, but the picture in the September issue of Points East is Bucks Hahbah in beautiful North Brooksville. The car on the dock is a bit out of the ordinary, but heart-shaped Harbor Island is unmistakable.

Bucks Harbor is one of the settings in the classic children’s book “One Morning in Maine,” by Robert McCloskey. When we first started cruising in Maine 25 years ago with our daughter, Bucks Harbor was a must-stop whenever we were headed east. Buck’s Harbor Marina has outdoor showers that are a big plus for cruising sailors, and the Buck’s Harbor Market has all the essentials for a basic re-supply. I’d consider it one of my top 10 hurricane holes for this part of the coast. The Bucks Harbor Yacht Club does have a couple of guest moorings, but get there early during the season as they go quickly. It’s important to note for all those desperate to stay connected that cell reception is spotty at best. I consider that a plus, actually.

The current owner of Buck’s Harbor Marina is Jonathon Buck. He is a consummate gentleman who runs a tight ship, er, dock. Oh, and watch out for Harbor Ledge smack dab in the middle of the mooring field.

Nathaniel Howe
Belfast, Maine

Best harbor on Penobscot Bay

September’s Mystery Harbor is one of our favorites: Bucks Harbor. In my view it’s the best harbor and has the best facilities on all of Penobscot Bay. The new owner/manager of Buck’s Harbor Marina, Jonathan Buck, is the finest kind. The v-shaped center island in the photo, along with the new deck, fleet of boats, and the view of Deer Island through east entrance, made the harbor’s location clear to me. I’ve been going there for diesel and outdoor showers for 30 years. There’s also a farmers market on Tuesdays and a fine store within an easy walk. Jonathan has planned many improvements to this already comfortable stop.

Ed Siegmann
Newburyport, Mass.

Young marina crew is great

Almost every year we find ourselves stopping at Bucks for ice or fuel during our cruises Downeast. This year the young dock crew at Buck’s Harbor Marina struggled to keep up with business, selling ice and sundries, ringing up fuel purchases, and helping the waiting lineup of yachts to tie up and cast off. They were run ragged, yet maintained a pleasant and helpful outlook. Who says young people don’t take their work seriously? Thanks, guys!

Dave Tew
Boothbay Harbor, Maine

I was there two years ago

It’s Bucks Harbor in Eggemoggin Reach! I recognize the bridge to Deer Isle in the distance, the spacious deck, and the island where we enjoyed hiking. We visited during the Cape Dory New England Fleet summer cruise in 2016, which was led by our beloved friend, the late Les Hyde and his fabulous musical sailing wife, Anne Cogger.

Nancy Weaver
Onancock, Va.

Always something fishy going on

That’s Bucks Harbor looking out from Buck’s Harbor Marina. On the left side of the picture you can see the start of Eggemoggin Reach. There’s always something going on at Buck’s Harbor Marina when I pull in to fuel up or take on water. Also, there always seems to be a large school of mackerel swimming at the dock, for some reason.

Eli Slater
Eliot, Maine

Great restaurant there

My husband and I just completed a five-week, Downeast sail from our hailing port of South Freeport, Maine. We stopped in Bucks Harbor in both directions, both going and coming back. The southeastern harbor entrance off of Eggemoggin Reach is recognizable in the photo. We celebrated our 49th wedding anniversary at Buck’s Restaurant and would give it five stars. The marina is very welcoming, with nice people and shore facilities. Oh, and the water temperature there – 74.6 degrees – allowed us the rare swim in Maine waters. We will return.

Cheryl Powell
New London, N.H.

Great swimming, too

We had a great stopover at Bucks Harbor several weeks ago. Great swimming there, and even better showers. My husband took a shower in their newly built shower facility, which overlooks the picturesque harbor. The shower enclosures smell of freshly cut pine.

The Buck’s Harbor Market is just a short walk from the harbor, and has some great treats.

Kathy Donahue
Scituate, Mass.

Beautiful stop, and quiet

It’s Bucks Harbor, which is one of the spots featured in McCloskey’s book, “One Morning in Maine.” We sailed there this summer, and found it to be a beautiful harbor, and quiet, with a great shop on the pier and new outdoor showers! A favorite of mine.

Donna McAuliffe Pendoley
Newton, N.H.

Beware the skeeters . . .

Finally, a Mystery Harbor I easily recognize. The picture is of Bucks Harbor in Brooksville, taken from the deck of Buck’s Harbor Marina. It’s located at the northwestern end of picturesque Eggemoggin Reach. Behind the photographer, to the left, is a great outdoor shower. It’s the only outdoor shower I’ve found along the coast of Maine with a great harbor view! My only warning is not to shower at dusk or the skeeters will get you . . . don’t ask how I know that.

Bob Scribner
Kennebunkport, Maine

We always stop when passing

One of our favorite harbors is Bucks Harbor in Brooksville, Maine, which I believe is September’s Mystery Harbor. We love the outdoor showers and the pleasant short walk to the food store. We stop there every time we’re in the area.

Phil Grow
Ogunquit, Maine

Lems Cove is to the left

This appears to be Bucks Harbor looking out from the Buck’s Harbor Marina. It is facing the eastern entrance to the harbor, which sits at the head of the Eggemoggin Reach, just above the Deer Isle bridge. Lems Cove is off to the left from the marina. It’s a good place to be if bad weather is approaching. The yacht club lies to the west of the marina, and the small town, with its single restaurant, is a short walk away.

Herb Schneider
Estero, Fla.

Awesome view from showers

It’s Bucks Harbor, off Eggemoggin Reach. My own boat, Rhapsody, is currently sitting on the mooring that’s occupied by the white boat in the photo. Bucks is one of our go-to harbors. Buck’s Harbor Marina is a very friendly operation, and the view from the outside showers (rebuilt this year) is amazing. Jon Buck, who recently purchased the operation, has exciting plans for moderate expansion, which should enhance the operation even more. The harbor is very well protected from all directions. Another bonus: this is a good place to swim, as water temps are often in the low 70s in July and August. My wife and I are also excited that the car in the photo is the marina’s new “loaner car.”

Rob Travers
Shirley, Mass.

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