Points East Diesel Workshops, 2018

Bob is one of the most knowledgeable boating people I have ever met. He seemed to know everything about every kind of engine. Each of us has a different kind of engine and as he was explaining something, he would turn to each of us to say “on your engine it is thus and such.” I learned a lot that day. He was a very patient teacher and no question was to simple or stupid. He was very clear in his explanations which we all appreciated. Aside from the awful weather, it was an informative and enjoyable day and I would recommend this workshop very highly. I am very glad I took it.
Larry G. Benedict

Sorry, all classes have been completed for 2018.

Don’t be afraid of your diesel engine! The Points East Diesel workshop, run by expert mechanic Bob Gerwig of Brewer’s South Freeport Marine in Freeport, Maine, will give you the skills you need to feel more comfortable with this all too critical piece of equipment.

  • Winterizing & getting set for the new season.
  • The fuel system and how to deal with water or other contaminates.
  • Bleeding the system.
  • Replacing fuel filters.
  • Transmission, muffler, prop shaft and engine instrument problems and lots more.

Held at Brewer’s South Freeport Marine in Freeport, Maine. Limited to 6 students.

Cost: $195 per person, includes lunch