Marina listings

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Marina listings are free for regular advertisers and $100 for all others. If you’d like your marina to appear in our online listings (year round) and also in our print edition (seasonal) please contact your local ad representative:

Lynn Emerson Whitney
phone: 207-326-9051
mobile: 207-479-5484

Massachusetts & New Hampshire
Peter Partridge
mobile: 508-277-4344

Connecticut & Rhode Island
David Stewart
mobile: 401-862-0446

All other states
Joe Burke
phone: 888-778-5790
mobile: 603-930-5160

Are you looking for a marina near you? Or where you’re headed? Use the Points East Marina Listings. We have all the details you need, including services, amenities, fuel and repairs.

Just click on the region where you’re searching and you’ll find a list of marinas. You can get more details on each by clicking the “view details” link next to each marina.