Marina Listings by Region

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Please note that these listings describe services typically available at each marina. However, local, state, and business-specific health and safety restrictions will affect the timing of service availability. Do not assume that all listed services are currently available. Call ahead before planning to visit or access the services of any listed marina.

Midcoast Maine

Billings Diesel & Marine ServiceView it
Ellsworth HarborView it
Atlantic Boat CompanyView it
Brooklin Boat YardView it
Buck's Harbor MarineView it
Hamlin's MarinaView it
Bucksport MarinaView it
Front Street ShipyardView it
Belfast Public LandingView it
Dark Harbor Boat YardView it
Lyman-Morse at WayfarerView it
Camden Town DocksView it
Ocean Pursuits BoatyardView it
The ApprenticeshopView it
Knight Marine ServiceView it
Lyman-Morse BoatbuildingView it
Journey's End MarinaView it
Landings MarinaView it
Tenants Harbor Boat YardView it
Padebco Boatyard & Custom Boat BuildersView it
Port Clyde General StoreView it