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Beginner Seeking Experience and Education
Interested in long distance crusing or boat deliveries.
Licensed captain, traditional rigger without boat this year
Looking for experienced race crew for the remainder of the 2018 season
Looking to race
Brand new sailor wanting some experience 🙂
Blue Hill Bay day sailing
I need sailing experience and learning
Kyrenia is looking for crew
Looking for crew to sail FL to ME and more
Tortola-Newburyport Delivery FP Lucia 40 May 21 Travel Paid
Seeking crew member for weekend cruising
Lake sailing???
Experienced Lady Sailor
Looking for crew for Newfoundland
Delivery Crew
Available to crew in July
Handicapped Captain Needs Crew
Sailing from Norfolk, VA to Brooklin, ME in May.. need 1-2 crew for all or part.
Experienced Sailor Woman Seeks to Share the Helm
deckhand looking to do deliveries of sailing vessels, week to two week trips even do weekends
Crew? Weekdays? Weekends?
Looking for companion for extended inland cruise
Ariel wants crew
Want crew
Looking for sailing companion
Cruising or Racing
Want to sail out of Belfast, or other Mid-coast harbors.
Interested in crewing Maine and/or New Hampshire daysailing or longer
Interested in cruising the Gulf of Maine islands
Experienced NH Crew for GoM cruising
Newbie sailor looking for experience
Interested in racing sailboats
Ready to cruise
Some experience, want to learn more
Sailing experience
Experienced crew
Want to crew
Landfall Sailing Club
Would you like to practice your sailing skills?