Advertising with Points East, 2019

Rate Card/Media Kit

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Ad Reps

Lynn Emerson Whitney
phone: 207-326-9051
mobile: 207-479-5484

Massachusetts & New Hampshire
Peter Partridge
mobile: 508-277-4344

Connecticut & Rhode Island
David Stewart
mobile: 401-862-0446

All other states
Joe Burke
phone: 888-778-5790
mobile: 603-930-5160

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2019 Deadlines

Issue/special distribution or features Deadline for
camera-ready advertisements
New England Boat Show
Jan. 11 Jan. 28
Maine Boatbuilders Show
Boatbuilders Show on Cape Cod
March 1 March 18
May April 5 April 22
Dine Ashore section
Marina Listings
May 3 May 20
Dine Ashore section
Marina Listings
Wooden Boat Show
June 7 June 24
Marina Listings
Maine Boats, Homes & Harbors Show
July 12 July 29
Newport International Boat Show
Aug. 09 Aug. 26
October/November Sept. 6 Sept. 23
Gift giving pages
Nov. 1 Nov. 18